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Update: Based on a users feedback, we are no longer trying to be “the next Drudge.” We’re shooting for something better. With that said, it’s good to understand how we started, so we’re leaving our original About Us text intact.


In October, 2020, Conservative Playlist was officially launched. It’s a conservative aggregator that will bring the best news stories, videos, and podcasts to the masses. We’re very excited to be launching this new, important component of American media.

Drudge Report filled much of this role for years, but since the 2016 election it has turned into a breeding ground for leftist talking points. Nevertheless, it still gets tens of millions of visitors per month, which tells us that conservatives who still go there simply need a strong alternative. There are actually quite a few out there and they do a fine job, but we felt the market is ripe for our entry into this arena. We are not competing against the likes of The Liberty Daily, Whatfinger, or Citizen Free Press. In fact, we hope they thrive. But with 60 million+ people still visiting the Drudge Report, we know there’s plenty of room for another strong conservative news aggregator that adds the video and podcast dimensions to the mix.

Bath Robes

We wanted to do more than just drop links to conservative stories. We felt there’s a need for other mediums to be highlighted as well, which is why we have sections for videos and podcasts. This is an important distinction because not everyone wants to read articles. We know there are quality video and podcast producers who have strong, pro-America messages that never get proper treatment in written articles. They must be heard just as much as the quality conservative authors out there.

Conservative Playlist will search the web 24-7 with our team of editors. I have been blessed to meet exceptional people who are willing to volunteer their time and energy into promoting constitutional conservatism. But we will eventually need funding to advance the website as well as the patriotic agenda it represents. That is why we’re asking people to contribute in multiple ways:

  • The first and most important way is to sponsor the website. These donations, whether one-time or monthly, will be the driving force behind our site’s revenue. We will set up our donations portal as soon as we get approved by WinRed (no way we’d use leftist GoFundMe or Patreon). Please contact us and let us know to reach out when the portal is available.
  • Those who want to not only donate to the site but who want to engage with us on a business level can invest. We are open to discuss various levels of investment. As the site grows, its value will increase; we expect this to happen rapidly. The earlier an investor gets in, the greater the risk… and potential reward.
  • We will always be looking to establish relationships with media partners. Whether you have a conservative publication or other resource for patriotic Americans, we are interested in talking to you.
  • Creators are the heart and soul of this site. We want to talk to writers, video producers, podcasters, and the websites that deliver their content. By establishing a relationship with us, these creators can get their content out to our audience. We will post links, videos, and podcasts from anyone regardless of whether we have a relationship or not, but those who work with us directly will have an edge.
  • Lastly, we need advocates. That’s pretty much anyone who is willing to share our site on social media, talk about it to friends and family, or link to us from their website. We are a word-of-mouth organization today. Perhaps someday we’ll be buying ads on Rush Limbaugh’s or Tucker Carlson’s shows, but today we rely on our visitors to let others know we exist.

Anyone serious and interested in helping in any way can use our contact form or contact me directly: [email protected]

America needs a better homepage, one that highlights strong conservative voices and focuses solely on spreading the truth that mainstream media tries to avoid. Check us out!

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We Often Feel Like David Taking on Giants

Today’s Goliath is the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex that brainwashes the masses.

Our mission is very straightforward: To counter the false narratives and nefarious agendas destroying America today. It isn’t easy for obvious reasons; despite incredible growth over the last year we are still a very tiny fish in a huge media pond. But we’re fighting and we will continue to do so, Lord willing, for as long as we possibly can. The battle for America’s present and future is too important for us to back down to the giants that stand in our way.

We need help. I don’t want to say “desperately,” but the need is definitely great. If you have the means, please donate through our GivingFuel page, PayPal, or our Substack page. Your generosity is what keeps these sites running and allows us to get the truth to the masses. We’ve had great success in growing but we know we can do more with your assistance.

Thank you, and God Bless!

JD Rucker

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