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Antifa Rise of the Black Flags

Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags

The true history of the anti-government extremist group's century of violence. https://twitter.com/ContegoStella/status/1322942874154110987 https://twitter.com/Dude4Liberty/status/1322650818689048577 https://twitter.com/LoveUSADawn/status/1322802314848145408 https://twitter.com/Tenebras_Lux/status/1322618735681818624 https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1322995260092502022 https://twitter.com/jondutoit/status/1322754482128613376 https://twitter.com/PATPmovie/status/1322655485238140928 https://twitter.com/gvandale/status/1322934069886406659 This ...

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